MacGyver was sent to Central America to retrieve Kate Conolly, a photojournalist working for newspaper publisher Arthur Prescott. The third world country bordering on Mexico was politically unstable, and the military head of the secret police, General Antonio Vasquez, intended to make a move to gain control of the government by acquiring an army and weapons with help from Dave Ryerson, a deported American connected to the crime syndicate. Kate and MacGyver were apprehended when she photographed the arms deal, and the country was locked down as the two escaped and attempted to get the evidence out of the country themselves. The pair were able to head north toward Garabuan and cover the 100 kilometers to the Mexican border, finally using homemade smoke bombs and a barrel to make their escape under the noses of Vasquez's army and swim across the river to safety in Mexico.

Cross Reference: Kate Conolly, Gomez, Diego Montoya, Dave Ryerson, Antonio Vasquez

Episode Reference: The Gauntlet