Chan was a young boy when he encountered MacGyver in the jungles of Burma. He and his grandfather and his sister, Lin, were among the slaves who were forced to work in the Burmese opium fields by General Narai. Chan had found a red parachutist's cap in a downed US aircraft near his village, and he led MacGyver to the plane to search for a canister of toxin that MacGyver had been sent to retrieve. When MacGyver was captured by Truang and staked out in the sun to die, Chan stole back MacGyver's Swiss army knife and returned it to him, allowing him to escape.

MacGyver offered the slaves a chance at freedom, but the terrified villagers were hesitant to accept, and Chan was devastated when he thought MacGyver had abandoned them after his mission was completed. However, MacGyver remained to help the villagers, and Chan played a role in defeating Narai and his men by gathering snakes to commandeer a jeep and using exhaust from a captured jeep to trigger homemade tear gas. With MacGyver's help, General Narai was killed, Truang was defeated, and Chan and the other slaves of the village were freed.

Portrayed by: Bryan Price

Cross Reference: Anek, Burma, Lin, Ming, Narai, Prasert, Truang

Episode Reference: The Golden Triangle