Kate Conolly was an accredited correspondent and photojournalist working for newspaper publisher Arthur Prescott when she first met MacGyver. Conolly had been in Central America for weeks, cooperating with Diego Montoya, the printer of a small local newspaper, and working on a story that would expose and remove General Antonio Vasquez, the military head of the secret police who intended to make a play for power by sealing an arms deal with Dave Ryerson, a deported American with ties to the crime syndicate. Concerned for her safety, Prescott had hired MacGyver to get Conolly safely out of the country and back home.

Stubborn and determined, Conolly at first refused to leave, and she convinced MacGyver to allow her first to photograph the arms deal. However, she and MacGyver were apprehended, and as they made their escape using a plastique diversion, they found the third world nation had been locked down. Intending to get the evidence out of the country themselves, MacGyver and Conolly stole a bus and a jeep to reach the Mexican border 100 kilometers away, and they successfully evaded Vasquez and his army by using homemade smoke bombs as a diversion and escaping under their noses in a barrel that allowed them to reach the river where they could swim across the Mexican border to safety.

Conolly admired MacGyver's unique way of facing and overcoming problems, and she cooperated well with him, earning his admiration as well for her gutsy determination and ingenuity. During their escape, they spent the night in the woods, sharing a lizard for dinner, a kiss, and a place by the fire.

Portrayed by: Robin Curtis

Cross Reference: Central America, Gomez, Diego Montoya, Dave Ryerson, Antonio Vasquez

Episode Reference: The Gauntlet