Laura had met and married Bill Farren, and they were both close friends of MacGyver, who had worked for a time with Bill as a hellfighter. Laura loved her husband very much, but his need for danger scared her, and when he was badly burned in a hellfighting accident, she was afraid he would die. After three months in a burn ward, Bill had recovered, and Laura asked him to make a choice: hellfighting, or his marriage. Without regrets, Bill gave up hellfighting for Laura.

Bill and Laura moved to the wilderness of Wyoming, and there with their partner Pete Torgut, they pursued their dream of wildcat drilling. Laura had been forced to cut back on supplies due to limited resources. All the money they had been able to save and borrow had been poured into the land and the derrick, and with nothing left, Laura feared that if their dream failed, Bill would go back to hellfighting. However, when an accident caused the derrick to explode and erupt into a raging oil well fire, Laura was forced to realize that the only way to achieve their dream was for Bill and MacGyver to work together and to return to hellfighting once more.

As Bill's wife, Laura had learned a great deal about hellfighting. She helped to prepare the equipment and the thermos filled with nitroglycerin, and she used a hose to help cool the firefighters and the explosives as Bill and MacGyver approached the fire in their makeshift vehicle and dropped the charge down the well casing to cap the fire.

Afterward, MacGyver extended his stay and helped his friends to rebuild and bring in the well, and Laura, Bill, and Pete began again in search of their dream.

Portrayed by: Nana Visitor

Cross Reference: Bill Farren, Tenstrike Mine, Pete Torgut, Wyoming

Episode Reference: Hellfire