Ed Gantner, head of operations for a US intelligence agency, had worked with MacGyver in the past and would recruit him for various freelance operations for which no other alternative seemed viable. When an explosion destroyed the KIVA Laboratories, a highly classified underground research facility in Bannon New Mexico, at least 20 people were unaccounted for, including Dr. Carl Steubens and Dr.Sidney Marlowe, both highly respected scientists that the State Department had an interest in rescuing. Gantner arrived at MacGyver's home and offered him the rescue mission, describing the odds of success, on a scale of 1 to 10, as minus three. MacGyver accepted the mission, and Gantner accompanied him to the KIVA lab. There Gantner joined director Charlie Burke and chief of operations Andy Colson on the main level as they communicated with MacGyver during the mission to rescue the scientists and to stop an acid leak that threatened the water supply for the southwest.

Portrayed by: Michael Lerner

Cross Reference: Charlie Burke, Andy Colson, KIVA Laboratories, Angus MacGyver, Sidney Marlowe, Carl Steubens

Episode Reference: Pilot