Nicolai Grodsky, a KGB double agent, was an old friend of MacGyver. He had acquired a pocket watch with the names of a dozen key KGB agents working in England inscribed on the face, but he would only agree to turn over the information to someone he trusted. MacGyver was sent to Budapest as Grodsky's contact, however the KGB also wanted the information, and Major Kossov and Inspector Messic were assigned to acquire the watch, Grodsky, and his contacts.

Grodsky and MacGyver arranged to meet at the Café Mozart to make the exchange, but before they could meet, a young gypsy girl named Jana stole the watch from Grodsky, and as Kossov and Messic confronted him on the street, Grodsky fled and was struck and killed by a truck. MacGyver was eventually able to retrieve the watch and evade Kossov and Messic to escape from Hungary.

Portrayed by: Nicholas Kadi

Cross Reference: Budapest, Jana, Nicolai Kossov, Jan Messic

Episode Reference: Thief of Budapest