Major Nicolai Kossov of the KGB had been sent to Hungary to intercept Nicolai Grodsky, a double agent who carried the names of a dozen key KGB agents in England inscribed on the face of a pocket watch. In Budapest, Kossov collaborated with Inspector Messic of the Hungarian government to acquire the watch, Grodsky, and his contacts.

When the watch was stolen by Jana, a young gypsy girl, and Grodsky was killed in a traffic accident before he could pass on the information to MacGyver as his contact, Kossov and Messic targeted MacGyver and Jana's family to retrieve the watch. Unwilling to return to Moscow in disgrace, Kossov was not above applying pressure to achieve his goal, and he had Jana's family arrested and sent to Borza Prison for questioning.

After helping the family escape from prison, MacGyver was able to retrieve the watch, and he agreed to help Jana and her family leave the country. With traffic signals jammed throughout the city, MacGyver stole three Mini Cooper cars intended for a local road rally, and he led Kossov and the police on a chase through Budapest and eventually across the border into Austria. Having lost his prize, Kossov returned to Moscow, intending one day to exact his revenge against MacGyver.

Portrayed by: Bruce Abbott

Cross Reference: Alex, Borza Prison, Bruno, Budapest, Nicolai Grodsky, Jana, Jan Messic, Peter, Stephan

Episode Reference: Thief of Budapest