Lin, the older sister of Chan, was among the slaves who were forced to work in the Burmese opium fields by General Narai. When MacGyver was captured by Truang during a mission to retrieve a canister of deadly toxin, he was staked out in the sun and left to die. Although Lin was very grateful for the help MacGyver had offered to her brother and her grandfather, she was too afraid of General Narai to help MacGyver escape. However, when Truang was driven from the village and MacGyver offered the villagers a chance at freedom, Lin willingly joined the others in preparing for Narai's return, and she played a role in defeating Narai and his men by helping to dig a hole that would be a trap for the jeep convoy. With MacGyver's help, General Narai was killed, Truang was defeated, and Lin and the other slaves of the village were freed.

Portrayed by: Joan Chen

Cross Reference: Anek, Burma, Chan, Ming, Narai, Prasert, Truang

Episode Reference: The Golden Triangle