Luiz, a native Indian of the Amazon jungle, had been a child when his family was attacked by Amapá tribesmen. His father had been killed, his mother had been taken, and he had been left behind because he was too young to be of use. Lucien Trumbo, a cocoa planter in the region, had found Luiz in the jungle and took him in, giving him a place to stay. At the time, Trumbo owned only eight acres and the first buildings had not yet been completed, but Luiz became one of Trumbo's workers on his growing cocoa plantation, and he was immensely loyal to the man who had saved his life. When an army of soldier ants threatened Trumbo's land, the Indian workers fled to safety and only Luiz chose to remain behind. Luiz was sent to flood the irrigation ditches in order to force the ants toward the river, however as they began to cross the water the ants reached Luiz and swarmed over him, killing him as he fought to protect the plantation.

Portrayed by: Will Gotay

Cross Reference: Brazil, Soldier Ants, Lucien Trumbo

Episode Reference: Trumbo's World