Dr. Sidney Marlowe, a top British scientist and candidate for the Nobel Prize, was considered an expert in the research into magnetic fields in the ozone layer. He was a friend and colleague of Dr. Carl Steubens, who conducted research in the same field for the Sendrex Corporation at the KIVA Laboratories in New Mexico, and the two of them also shared an interest in chess, a game which they played long distance via telex. When Carl Steubens feared that his research was being used to create a doomsday weapon, he invited his friend to visit the KIVA lab, where he intended to use plastique explosives to destroy the research and take both their lives. Marlowe was unaware of his friend's plan, and although the explosion, considered at first to be an accident, did destroy the facility, Steubens and Marlowe both survived, and MacGyver was called in to rescue them from the underground lab where they had been trapped.

Portrayed by: Olaf Pooley

Cross Reference: Charlie Burke, Andy Colson, Ed Gantner, KIVA Laboratories, Barbara Spencer, Carl Steubens

Episode Reference: Pilot