In a desert Arabic country, Khan, a tribal leader, had stolen a valuable white horse. Because the horse belonged to a king and was considered to be perhaps the most expensive horse alive, MacGyver was called in to retrieve the horse in order to prevent the escalation of a tribal war. MacGyver saddled the horse and escaped from Khan and his warriors when he and the horse were airlifted to safety by a helicopter that plucked them both from the beach at full gallop.

On another mission to an Arabic-speaking desert country, MacGyver was charged with stealing a map that documented the plans of some heavy-handed troublemakers in the region. Breaking in through an upper window of the Command Post, MacGyver found a map of the United States with a number of key locations targeted. He discovered that a map can get you in and out of places a lot of different ways as he evaded pursuing soldiers: he retrieved the key to a locked door by catching it on the map, used the map as a pea shooter for a distraction, wrapped the map around a metal rod to use as a club, rode on the map as a sled to slide down a sand dune, and used the map with duct tape to patch a leak in a hot air balloon and make his escape.

A Code Red priority sent MacGyver back to the Middle East to destroy a brand-new nuclear refining plant. MacGyver scaled a barbed wire fence and planted several explosive devices throughout the facility which he detonated remotely before being retrieved at the pickup zone. However, he was identified during the mission, and a contract went out the next day. MacGyver became a target, and Axminster, a ruthless assassin, was hired to kill him in retribution.

Cross Reference: Axminster, Khan

Episode Reference: Thief of Budapest, The Gauntlet, Target MacGyver