Ming had once been a hunter and a farmer, but with others of his village he had been driven into slavery, and he was among the slaves who were forced to work in the Burmese opium fields by General Narai. Ming had been fearful and submissive, but when MacGyver was captured by Truang during a mission to retrieve a canister of deadly toxin, Ming joined MacGyver as he disrupted the camp and drove Truang from the village. Despite his fear of Truang's return, Ming found the courage to accept MacGyver's offer of help to free the villagers from slavery, insisting that if they cannot find their souls they do not deserve their lives, and he asked MacGyver to teach him to be a soldier. With MacGyver's guidance, Ming helped to build a trap that would trigger rifles to fire remotely at the tires of Narai's jeep convoy, and he became a leader of his people. When Truang returned with Narai's convoy, Ming faced him in hand-to-hand combat and defeated him with his staff. When General Narai was killed, Ming and the other slaves of the village were freed.

Portrayed by: James Saito

Cross Reference: Anek, Burma, Chan, Lin, Narai, Prasert, Truang

Episode Reference: The Golden Triangle