Diego Montoya had lived in a tiny Central American village where he published a small local newspaper called El Tiempo. He had cooperated with Kate Conolly, an American photojournalist, hoping that her story would expose and remove from power General Antonio Vasquez, the head of the secret police to whom he referred as a piece of human garbage. Montoya was grateful also for MacGyver's help, and he offered him a gun for protection, but MacGyver insisted he did better without one. After MacGyver and Kate had escaped from Vasquez and Ryerson, they returned to El Tiempo, only to discover that Vasquez's men had preceded them there and had killed Montoya. Kate blamed herself and mourned his death, praising Montoya's strong principals and noting that he had wanted his newspaper to be the voice of truth.

Portrayed by: Sam Vlahos

Cross Reference: Central America, Kate Conolly, Dave Ryerson, Antonio Vasquez

Episode Reference: The Gauntlet