General Narai controlled the slave laborers forced to work in the opium fields in the jungles of Burma. Very rich and powerful, Narai ruled through fear, and he was known to have burned entire villages and massacred many people because they refused to harvest is opium poppies. Some even believed that he was not human and that he drank blood.

When Truang, the overseer who answered to Narai, captured MacGyver during his mission to retrieve a canister of deadly toxin from a downed aircraft, General Narai arrived by helicopter and ordered that MacGyver be staked out in the sun without food or water for five days until his return. Narai intended to collect his opium harvest at that time and to use the weapons confiscated from the downed aircraft to make his helicopter a powerful gunship.

When MacGyver escaped, however, and Truang was driven from the village, Narai and his convoy returned early. With MacGyver's help, the villagers were prepared for his return, having used primitive weapons and ingenuity to devise a number of traps to defeat Narai's men. Narai himself returned in his helicopter, which MacGyver was able to bring down using a cable and a jeep winch. Facing MacGyver in hand-to-hand combat, Narai drew his sword, but he tripped over the helicopter landing skid and impaled himself with his own sword. With his death, and the defeat of Truang, the slaves of the village were freed.

Portrayed by: George Kee Cheung

Cross Reference: Anek, Burma, Chan, Lin, Ming, Prasert, Truang

Episode Reference: The Golden Triangle