The Pyrenees Mountain region between France and Spain is a beautiful patch of country with peaceful forests and raging rivers. The area is also home to Basque mountain men who have been feuding with France or Spain for as long as anyone can remember. When Dr. Andrea Gates, an American geologist touring the region, got caught in the middle of one of these private wars, MacGyver was called in to rescue her. Wearing only a towel as a disguise, MacGyver entered the Basque camp and positioned a water pipe to overheat at the campfire. While the captors were distracted by the overly hot shower, MacGyver and Dr. Gates broke out of the cabin where she was being held, rappelled down a cliff, and escaped by raft through whitewater, using barbed wire strung across the river to prevent other rafts from following them.

Cross Reference: Andrea Gates

Episode Reference: Trumbo's World