Reena is known in Budapest for fencing stolen goods. She refers to gypsies as stinking wharf rats she would skin and use as rugs, although she herself is a gypsy, admitting that "It takes one to know one." When Jana, a young gypsy girl, unwittingly stole a pocket watch containing sensitive information, she gave it to her brother, Bruno, who sold the watch to Reena. MacGyver's mission had been to retrieve the top secret intelligence in the watch, which was also sought by the KGB. MacGyver was candid with Reena, revealing the significance of the watch, a fact which she verified with a touch of wine and a kiss - her own personal lie detector. As the authorities closed in, Reena decided that MacGyver couldn't afford to buy the watch back, so she gave it to him as a gift and helped him escape out the back way.

Portrayed by: Sue Kiel

Cross Reference: Bruno, Budapest

Episode Reference: Thief of Budapest