Chris Rhodes, the daughter of Senator Rhodes, had been in the Peace Corps in Africa. Her father, the Chairman of the Famine Aid Committee, had raised $60 million for famine relief in Africa, but it had been stolen by his accountant who delivered $60 million in diamonds to Jack Catlin in the Virgin Islands. Driven by social conscience from her experience with poverty and famine, Chris had flown back from Africa to the Virgin Islands to try to get the money back.

When MacGyver was sent to the Virgin Islands at the request of Senator Rhodes, Chris met him at the hotel. Cynically expecting another high-powered lawyer or ex-FBI agent, she was initially skeptical of MacGyver's credentials, but as she began to conclude that he was in fact a thief, her skepticism turned to enthusiasm and excitement.

Using Chris's research and MacGyver's ingenuity, the two worked together to find the location of the diamonds. When MacGyver was apprehended cheating at craps, Chris threw herself in front of the guards, giving him the opportunity to escape. Having determined that the diamonds were in the penthouse vault, the two returned to the casino the following night. As MacGyver broke into the penthouse and sent 200 pounds of diamonds down a drainpipe to his car, Chris used a magnet and the sharp tip of a ring to sabotage the roulette, blackjack, and slots to cause a riot in the casino as a distraction. The distraction was successful, but Chris was caught by Catlin before she had a chance to get away.

Catlin threatened to kill Chris unless MacGyver returned the diamonds. To save her life, MacGyver was forced to deliver the car with the diamonds in the trunk, and the car was loaded aboard Catlin's private plane. When MacGyver and Chris locked themselves in the cargo hold with the car, MacGyver rigged the car with a parachute, and he and Chris safely parachuted the car out of the airplane in mid-flight. The heist was successful, and the diamonds were recovered.

Portrayed by: Doran Clark

Cross Reference: Jack Catlin, Nelson, Senator Rhodes, Virgin Islands

Episode Reference: The Heist