Senator Rhodes, Chairman of the Famine Aid Committee in the US Senate, had raised $60 million dollars for famine relief in Africa. He had hired Daniel Sims, an accountant, to act as the administrator of the funds, but Sims stole the money and flew to the Virgin Islands with $60 million in diamonds. Sims had planned to complete a transaction with Jack Catlin, an unethical mercenary and casino owner, but Catlin killed Sims and kept the diamonds for himself. Senator Rhodes blamed himself for the loss of the money, and his daughter, Chris, flew back from Africa to the Virgin Islands to try to get the money back. Wracked with guilt, Senator Rhodes turned to MacGyver for help, and MacGyver flew to the Virgin Islands where he met up with Chris, and together they recovered the stolen diamonds from Catlin.

Portrayed by: John Carter

Cross Reference: Jack Catlin, Chris Rhodes, Daniel Sims

Episode Reference: The Heist