Commissioner Santos, as the Government Commissioner, represents the law in one region of the Amazon jungle. MacGyver and his friend, Dr. Charles Alden, encountered Commissioner Santos at an outpost as they headed upriver to investigate the environmental disaster, caused by an army of soldier ants, that was affecting the ecology of the area. They had hoped to find a guide to take them into the jungle, but Santos insisted that there were no guides to be had since the Indians were superstitious and refused to go deeper into the jungle. When MacGyver asked if Lucien Trumbo, the cocoa planter further upriver, would be likely to help, Santos warned that Trumbo is an impossible man who recognizes no law but his own. Despite his warning, however, MacGyver and Alden continued upriver in search of Trumbo.

Portrayed by: Maurice Sherbanée

Cross Reference: Brazil, Lucien Trumbo

Episode Reference: Trumbo's World