The Sendrex Corporation includes a number of research facilities. The KIVA Laboratories facility in Bannon, New Mexico has the most advanced security of all the Sendrex Corporations due to the highly classified nature of the research being done there. When Sendrex ordered a new series of experiments for Dr. Carl Steubens's research dealing with magnetic fields in the ozone layer, Steubens feared that his work was being used to create a doomsday weapon that would destroy the Earth's ozone layer. To prevent the misuse of his research, he planted a plastique explosive at the lab, intending to destroy his research and to take his own life and that of Dr. Sidney Marlowe, the only other expert in the field. MacGyver was called to the KIVA lab after the explosion and was able to seal an acid leak that threatened the environment and to rescue the survivors, including Marlowe and Steubens.

Cross Reference: KIVA Laboratories, Carl Steubens

Episode Reference: Pilot