Dr. Carl Steubens, a highly respected scientist and candidate for the Nobel Prize, had been employed by the Sendrex Corporation at the KIVA Laboratories in Bannon, New Mexico. Barbara Spencer worked as his assistant in his lab on level three of the facility, and there he conducted research into magnetic fields in the ozone layer, also known as rainmakers. His friend and colleague, Dr. Sidney Marlowe, was considered to be the only other expert in the field, and the two also shared an interest in chess, a game which they played long distance via telex.

When Sendrex ordered a new series of experiments, Steubens feared his work was being used to create a weapon, and he refused to accept the results. A means to create chain reactions in the ozone would cause the ozone layer to self-destruct and leave the Earth vulnerable to the sun's ultraviolet rays which would kill everything on the planet. Steubens had spent his whole life trying to stop suffering, and he refused to allow his work to become the ultimate doomsday weapon. Instead, he invited Marlowe to visit him at the KIVA lab, and he planted plastique explosives in the facility. His intention was to take his own life and that of his friend and to set back their research 20 years or more.

Although the explosion did destroy the facility, Steubens and Marlowe survived and were trapped on level three, 300 feet below ground. MacGyver was able to reach them, but Steubens, weary and still determined, tried once more to prevent their rescue by threatening to shoot Marlowe and himself. However, the weapon fired and wounded Barbara Spencer instead before MacGyver could wrestle the gun away. The wound was not life threatening, and all were rescued and brought safely to the surface.

Portrayed by: Paul Stewart

Cross Reference: Charlie Burke, Andy Colson, Ed Gantner, KIVA Laboratories, Sidney Marlowe, Sendrex Corporation, Barbara Spencer

Episode Reference: Pilot