Tenstrike Mine had been an old strip mining operation in the wilderness of Wyoming. When Bill Farren and MacGyver sought dynamite to put out an oil well fire, they hoped to find some at Tenstrike Mine, and they drove the 54 bumpy miles from Farren's derrick to the mine on a road that would have been an "E" ride at Disneyland. There they found some crates of dynamite that had been left behind in a rotting old powder shack when the mine had been abandoned 6 or 7 years before. Although the sticks of dynamite were mostly dry and the nitroglycerin had started to leak out, Bill and MacGyver were able to retrieve a few crates before the floorboards of the shed collapsed, and the powder shack exploded as the remaining crates fell. By building a spring platform on the truck to cushion the dynamite, Bill and MacGyver miraculously survived the treacherous ride back to the derrick as the leaking nitro took out the truck's brakes. However, the nitroglycerin they were able to obtain made it possible to cap the oil well fire.

Cross Reference: Bill Farren, Laura Farren, Pete Torgut, Wyoming

Episode Reference: Hellfire