Tiffany acted as a personal assistant to Jack Catlin at his casino in the Virgin Islands. When Catlin stole $60 million in diamonds, she reported to him with the confirmation from Amsterdam that they would be able to handle the transaction that would convert the diamonds to a Swiss account. Later, when MacGyver used loaded dice to win at craps, Catlin sent Tiffany to find out who he was. She introduced herself to him and was amused when he in turn introduced himself as James Bond. After MacGyver successfully stole the diamonds back, he was forced to return them to Catlin in order to free Chris Rhodes, and Tiffany met him at the airstrip and directed him to Catlin's private plane where his car was loaded on board. Tiffany was with Catlin in the cockpit of the plane when MacGyver and Chris Rhodes parachuted the car out of the plane in mid-flight.

Portrayed by: Victoria Bass

Cross Reference: Jack Catlin, Thomas, Virgin Islands, Wilson

Episode Reference: The Heist