Pete Torgut, a friend and partner of Bill Farren, was knowledgeable about oil drilling, but did not share Bill's expertise in hellfighting. He joined Bill and his wife Laura in search of their dream of striking oil in the wilderness of Wyoming. Despite limited resources and basic equipment, Pete and Bill had struck a gas pocket, and they were confident their dream was within reach. However, sparks from a shattered light bulb ignited the escaping gas, and the well exploded into a raging oil well fire.

As Pete, Bill, Laura, and MacGyver attempted to run away as the derrick ignited, the force of the explosion knocked Pete down, and heavy pipes fell across his legs, pinning him to the ground. Bill and MacGyver were able to remove the pipes and drag Pete to safety, but he had sustained a simple fracture of his right leg which had to be straightened before putting a splint on it. MacGyver recited Curie's Law as a distraction before giving Pete's leg a good yank to set it.

Relying on the splint and a homemade crutch, Pete was able to assist Laura in managing the hose to keep Bill and MacGyver wet as they used a makeshift vehicle and insulation to approach the fire and drop an explosive charge down the well casing. Their strategy was successful, and the oil fire was capped. Afterward, Pete remained with Bill and Laura to rebuild and start again, confident that his leg would heal and their dream of finding oil would be realized.

Portrayed by: Rudy Ramos

Cross Reference: Bill Farren, Laura Farren, Tenstrike Mine, Wyoming

Episode Reference: Hellfire