Truang answered to General Narai and acted as an overseer in charge of the forced labor who worked as slaves to harvest opium poppies in the jungles of Burma. Smug and condescending, but not exceptionally clever, Truang ruled with intimidation, threats, and fear. He sought Narai's favor, and he considered it a major coup when he confiscated the weapons from a downed US aircraft and captured MacGyver, mistaking him for a narcotics agent.

When MacGyver escaped, using diversions and simple explosions, Truang was driven from the village, and he met up with Narai's convoy, bringing more men and reinforcements back to the village. The villagers were prepared, however, and using primitive weapons and ingenuity, the slaves overwhelmed the convoy. Truang faced Ming in hand-to-hand combat, but Ming defeated him with his staff, and when General Narai was killed, the slaves of the village were freed.

Portrayed by: Benjamin Lum

Cross Reference: Anek, Burma, Chan, Ho, Lin, Ming, Narai, Prasert

Episode Reference: The Golden Triangle