MacGyver traveled to the US Virgin Islands at the request of Senator Rhodes, Chairman of the Famine Aid Committee. Money raised for famine relief in Africa had been stolen by the Senator's accountant, Daniel Sims, who delivered $60 million worth of diamonds to Jack Catlin, an unethical mercenary and casino owner in the Virgin Islands. Catlin killed Sims and claimed the diamonds for himself, intending to convert them in Amsterdam to a Swiss account. In the Virgin Islands, MacGyver met up with the Senator's daughter, Chris Rhodes, and together they concocted a scheme to steal the diamonds back from Catlin's private penthouse vault. Although they were apprehended after successfully retrieving the diamonds, MacGyver and Chris were able to escape by parachuting their car with the diamonds out of Catlin's airplane in mid-flight.

Location: Hilton Universal City, California

Cross Reference: Jack Catlin, Nelson, Chris Rhodes, Daniel Sims, Thomas, Tiffany, Wilson

Episode Reference: The Heist