Walt, a licensed pilot, was accustomed to flying charter trips to Mexico out of the Sparrow Ridge Airport, a small desert airstrip in Arizona for private and charter planes. He had become friends with Kelly, Dave, and Al, who worked at the airport, and he was expecting another routine charter flight for fishing in Mexico when he arrived at the airport in his small twin propeller plane, number N3807S. He had radioed ahead, using the call sign Baron Zero Seven Sierra, to report an electrical short in the trim control, but he expected that repairs could be made before departing again. He didn't realize that Terry Andrews and his three partners, Buddy, Turk, and Elias, had masterminded an armored car robbery in Texas and had rendezvoused at the Sparrow Ridge Airport to hijack his plane and escape across the border into Mexico. Walt found himself taken hostage along with Kelly, Dave, Al, and MacGyver, and although he attempted to stand up to the criminals, he and Dave were forced to perform the repairs on his plane. MacGyver, with support from Dave, successfully apprehended the thieves, and the hostages were unharmed.

Portrayed by: Steve Franken

Cross Reference: Terry Andrews, Arizona, Buddy, Elias, Kelly Nielson, Dave Redding, Sparrow Ridge Airport, Al Tennyson, Turk

Episode Reference: Last Stand