MacGyver's friends, Bill and Laura Farren, and their partner Pete Torgut had gone to the wilderness of Wyoming to pursue their dream of wildcat drilling. They had drilled a well and built a derrick on a piece of property about 54 miles from Tenstrike Mine, an old abandoned strip mining operation that had played out six or seven years before. MacGyver had arrived to visit his friends just as the drilling had struck a gas pocket, but sparks from a shattered light bulb ignited the hydrocarbons from the ground and the resulting explosion started a raging oil well fire. With no proper equipment, Bill and MacGyver had to relive their hellfighting days and put the fire out themselves using pipe tracks for a jeep, a refrigerator, nitroglycerin, a thermos, a cable pulley, and support from Laura and Pete. They were successful, and after the fire was extinguished, MacGyver stayed behind for a time to help Bill, Laura, and Pete to begin again and bring in the well.

Cross Reference: Bill Farren, Laura Farren, Tenstrike Mine, Pete Torgut

Episode Reference: Hellfire