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01.08 Episode 8 (#40191-008)
Airdate: November 27, 1985

In Wyoming, MacGyver visits a couple of old friends from his hellcatting days, and turns "hellfighter" to cap an oil-well fire that's burning out of control.

Teleplay by: Stephen Kandel & James Schmerer and Douglas Brooks West
Story by: Douglas Brooks West
Directed by: Richard Colla

Guest Starring: Cooper Huckabee as Bill Farren, Nana Visitor as Laura Farren, Rudy Ramos as Pete Torgut

Nielsen Ratings: 13.1 rating / 21 share / 2nd (48th overall)

Reference: Bill Farren, Laura Farren, Tenstrike Mine, Pete Torgut, Wyoming


Fixed a fuse with a
gum wrapper

Recited Curie's Law as a distraction
before straightening and splinting
a broken leg

Used a plank for support to walk
across collapsing floorboards

Tested the viability of nitroglycerin
by flinging a small sample
against a metal drum

Built a cushion for nitroglycerin
from plywood, wagon springs, wire,
rope, and sand

Replaced the linkage spring of a
truck with the spring from
a ballpoint pen

Instructed Laura to use a thermos
to keep nitroglycerin from
becoming overheated

Recreated hellfighting equipment
with pipes, a jeep, refrigerator,
thermos, nitroglycerin, & a pulley