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Standing sets and offices at the Bridge Studios used during the filming of MacGyver.


Houseboat Houseboat
A real houseboat existed at the Bute Marina in Coal Harbour, Vancouver (left). It was a private home and was used for shooting exterior scenes, but interior scenes were shot on the soundstages at the Bridge Studios in Burnaby (right).

Houseboat Houseboat
Views of the kitchen area, showing dishes, utensils, canned goods, and the rubber ducky. These pictures were taken in August, 1990, at the beginning of season 6, and some areas of the set were still covered with plastic from the hiatus.

Houseboat Houseboat
The spiral staircase and the living room area. The set had no ceiling, and the walls were moveable to allow cameras to shoot from any angle. The staircase led to nowhere. The loft bedroom was a separate set built next to the main set.

Houseboat Houseboat
The living and dining areas. The MacGyver coat of arms, mounted on the wall to the left of the doorway, was designed by a fan of the show with a background in heraldry. It bears the MacGyver crest and motto, "Ne Obliviscaris," Latin for "Do Not Forget."


Phoenix Foundation Pete's Office
The exterior of the Phoenix Foundation was the unique Westcoast Energy building on Georgia Street (left), which is entirely suspended from a central concrete column. The interior offices were built at the studio, including Pete Thornton's office (right), complete with golf clubs in the closet.


Challengers Center Challengers Center
The building on Station Street (left) used for the exterior of the Challengers Center was destroyed shortly after the series ended, but all interior scenes were shot at the studio (right). In this picture from August, 1990, the set is still decorated for the episode "The Gun."


Holy Rose Blade RDA and Michael Greenburg's Office Door
In the upstairs offices above the soundstages, the blade from "The Legend of the Holy Rose" (left) hangs on the wall of the editing room, because "that's where they do the cutting." The door to the office shared by Richard and Michael Greenburg (right) proudly displays their names.

RDA and the chimp RDA and the chimp
These pictures taken during filming of Richard Dean Anderson and a chimp were favorites of the producers, and they had them enlarged and mounted on the wall in the executive office suite.

Jeep and Nomad Pickup Truck
The vehicles used by MacGyver were stored in the parking area of the studio. More than one jeep was used, depending on the need. These pictures of the lot show two of the jeeps as well as the Nomad (left) and the pickup truck (right).

RDA's bicycle RDA's trailer
Richard would take his bicycle (left) with him when shooting on location and would often ride it around between scenes or back and forth between the set and his dressing trailer (right), which would be parked nearby.

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