The Book of Origin teaches that the Ori are gods, that they created humans who must worship them, and that unbelievers are guilty of heresy and must be destroyed. Nevertheless, on Ori worlds, small groups had begun to gather in secret to question the teachings of Origin and to undermine the Ori's power. In Ver Ager, Harrid and Fannis were curators, investigators of the past, who had discovered artifacts some time ago in what they believed to be the remains of an ancestral burial ground near the village. The artifacts were kept hidden, however, since such investigation was considered sacrilege if history contradicts the Book of Origin. Harrid and Fannis believed that their discoveries provided evidence that a race of humans predated their supposed creation by the Ori. They and others met in secret, keeping their artifacts hidden and slowly gathering as much evidence as possible, hoping one day to have enough proof to convince even the most devout followers that the Ori are not gods. Their followers were few, but their numbers were growing. Fannis met with Daniel and Vala, willing to give his life to bring the truth about the Ori to light. However, they were discovered by the Prior, who killed Fannis and sentenced Daniel and Vala, in the bodies of Harrid and Sallis, to be burned at the altar as heretics.

Despite the deaths of operatives such as Harrid, Sallis, and Fannis, the anti-Ori movement continued to grow. In Ver Isca, Seevis, the local administrator and barkeeper, was secretly a leader of the anti-Ori underground. Working with Denya, he recruited Vala in his attempt to mount a rebellion. He had spies among the monks in Celestis and many followers working on the inside within the Ori army and among the builders of the Ori ships. As the Ori ships that would begin the holy crusade neared completion and prepared to be activated, Seevis intended to sabotage enough of them to start a massive chain reaction that would undermine the Ori's power by eliminating tens of thousands of their followers at once. However, the Priors learned in advance of the sabotage, the plan was thwarted, and Seevis and Denya were killed by Tomin for their heresy.

Cross Reference: Harrid Cicera, Sallis Cicera, Denya, Fannis, Vala Mal Doran, Ori, Seevis, Ver Ager, Ver Isca

Episode Reference: Avalon, Origin, Crusade