Applied Technologies is a scientific organization for the advancement of newly emerging technologies, and Carter serves as one of its senior consultants. At a conference promoted as "Tomorrow's Technology Today," Carter and Dr. Lee presented the Chimera holographic system and the X-699 plasma cannon, both based on alien technology. Because the alien nature of their research was classified, however, they needed to add certain flaws to their demonstrations in order to preserve the illusion that their work was still in the process of development. Although Dr. Lee regretted the need to appear as if he knew less than he really did, he appreciated that such conferences have a dynamite singles scene.

When Netan of the Lucian Alliance placed a bounty on SG-1, an assassin targeted Carter at the conference. However, because she presented the Chimera Optics Projection System by creating a realistic holographic image of herself addressing the audience on stage, the assassin's weapon fired harmlessly through her projected image, and Carter was able to use the X-699 plasma cannon to eliminate the hired killer in the balcony.

Cross Reference: Chimera, Bill Lee, X-699

Episode Reference: Bounty