The natives of Argos refer to themselves as the Chosen. On a world of beauty, they emulate a Mycenaean Greek culture, and live an artificially accelerated and shortened lifespan, joyously celebrating one hundred blissful days. Writings in the temple, unknown to the Argosians, are an archaic and obscure Goa'uld dialect resembling linear "A" script pictographs found in ancient Greece and Crete. They tell how their ancestors had been chosen and brought to Argos from beyond the stars by the Goa'uld Pelops as part of an experiment in human physiology and evolution. They were infected with a nano-virus that accelerated and shortened the human lifespan to approximately one hundred days. When SG-1 reversed the experiment, the population began to age normally, living long healthy lives.

Cross Reference: Alekos, Argos, Kynthia, Nano-Technology, Nano-Virus, Pelops, Tablet and PTD, Thetys

Episode Reference: Brief Candle