The name Ayiana means "eternal bloom" in a Native American language. Ayiana was given the name by Dr. Michaels when she was discovered in Antarctica, buried deep within the glacial ice near the White Rock Research Station. Tests revealed that Ayiana had been buried in the same vein as the stargate, making her at least 3 million years old, and suggesting that she came from a race that predates the Antarctic glacier. Miraculously, her cells were intact, and she was able to be revived. An analysis of her EEG revealed brain activity on an advanced level of human evolution, suggesting that Ayiana might be a living Ancient. Although able to understand spoken language, and capable of speech, she communicated primarily through gestures. She possessed the remarkable ability to heal others by the laying on of hands, at great risk, however, to her own strength.

Ayiana carried a contagion of some kind, a virus that acted like cerebrospinal meningitis by attacking the brain, causing a high fever and coma, which did not respond to conventional treatment. The virus may have been related to the plague that had wiped out the Ancients long ago, and it shared certain similarities with the Prior plague later encountered by SG-1 after their first contact with the Ori. Although able to fight off the infection in herself, Ayiana could not eradicate it completely, and she acted as a carrier, passing it on to the others at the facility. She was able to cure Drs. Michaels, Woods, and Osbourne, as well as Carter, Frasier, and Jonas, however her system was severely weakened with each attempt, and eventually she succumbed to the illness herself, dying at the SGC before she was able to cure the illness in O'Neill.

Portrayed by: Ona Grauer

Cross Reference: Ancients, Antarctica, Hazmat, Francine Michaels, Jack O'Neill, Dr. Osbourne, White Rock Research Station, Norman Woods

Episode Reference: Frozen