Azdak is a leader among the people of P8X-412. The Goa'uld Qetesh had ruled the planet when Vala was her host, and Vala had returned to impersonate Qetesh after the symbiote had been removed. Azdak remained devoutly loyal to his god, aggressively defending Qetesh against blasphemers who had begun to turn to Origin after the arrival of a Prior on the planet. However, when Vala confessed that she had deceived the people, Azdak instantly turned on her, and he ordered her arrest and execution. When SG-1 convinced him to hold a Mal Doran, a public trial, Azdak presided over the proceedings and presented the opposing case against Daniel's defense, blaming Vala for the suffering and poverty of the planet, and he began to be swayed by the words of the Prior, seeing Origin as the only way to save his society now that there was no god to provide for them. At the conclusion of the trial, Vala's death sentence had been commuted to life imprisonment, however following Vala's actions to save the population, Azdak relented and granted her freedom, but her property was confiscated.

When the Prior punished unbelievers by causing the spread of a mysterious illness among the inhabitants, Azdak was among the first to fall victim to the Prior plague. Despite Vala's attempt to cure him using a Goa'uld healing device, Azdak's illness returned, and he was the first to die from the disease, only 14 hours and 18 minutes after the preliminary symptoms had appeared. However, as the population pleaded for mercy, the Prior's power cured the inhabitants, and Azdak was restored to life. With no defense against the power of the Prior, Azdak and his people fell to the Ori.

Portrayed by: Cam Chai

Cross Reference: Mal Doran, P8X-412, Prior Plague, Qetesh, Vachna

Episode Reference: The Powers That Be