Earth's first human-built spacecraft, the battle cruiser 303 series which included the Prometheus, was eventually replaced by the 304 series. Similar in overall structure to the 303, the new Daedalus class ship had several significant advantages in that the more advanced alien technologies were integrated into the original design rather than added on after the fact. The first ship in the 304 series was the Daedalus, a Deep Space Carrier that was built primarily for travel between Earth and Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy. Subsequent ships in the 304 series include the USS Odyssey, which was called into service to replace the Prometheus after its destruction, and the Korolev, which became part of the Russian fleet after intense negotiations but was destroyed by the Ori on its maiden voyage.

Cross Reference: BC-303, Daedalus, Korolev, Naquadah, Odyssey

Episode Reference: Moebius, Off the Grid, The Scourge, Camelot, Flesh and Blood, The Pegasus Project, Counterstrike, Company of Thieves, The Shroud, Talion, Family Ties, Dominion, Unending