The Book of Origin is the holy text of the Origin religion which proclaims, "Hallowed are the Ori." The Book weaves religious doctrines into simple, fable-like narratives with characters that are meant to be identifiable with a common individual. The parables teach that meditation on one's worth and significance is the path of righteousness toward a state of higher being. Followers of Origin are taught that the path to enlightenment is laid out in the Book of Origin, and all one need do to achieve ascension is follow its teachings. The text is written in the language of the Ori, also the language of the Ancients. Daniel, as an authority on the Ancient language, has studied the Book of Origin extensively, and is able to quote from it fluently. Following are a few quotations taken from the Book of Origin:

Cross Reference: Doci, Ori, Origin, Prior

Episode Reference: Avalon, Origin, Camelot, The Quest, Line in the Sand, The Shroud