The huge insect species of BP6-3Q1 has a venom that will transform the DNA of the victim, causing a metamorphosis into numerous new insects through equal matter conversion. Each human would become approximately ten new insects, causing swarms in the millions within six to eight weeks. The entire human population of the planet had been wiped out by the insects.

During SG-1's visit to the planet, Teal'c was stung by one of the insects, causing an illness with symptoms similar to a viral infection, including aches, fever, and chills, that his symbiote could not counteract. Teal'c was taken into NID custody, but he escaped and hid in an abandoned building as his body began to change. He was looked after by Ally, a young girl on the street, who was able to secure help in time to save his life. By using the natural healing abilities of Teal'c's symbiote in conjunction with experimental RNA inhibitors, Dr. Timothy Harlow was able to reverse the metamorphosis and provide a cure.

Cross Reference: Ally, BP6-3Q1, Timothy Harlow

Episode Reference: Bane