Agent Burke is an eccentric CIA operative who shares a history with O'Neill. Burke, O'Neill, and Woods had once served together and shared a close friendship. However Woods was a traitor who had been sending out a rogue transmission, giving away their position during a mission, and who planned to set himself up as a mercenary for a warlord. When Burke realized the truth, Woods turned his weapon on him, and Burke shot and killed Woods in self defense. Out of respect for their friendship and for Wood's wife, Cindy, Burke reported the confrontation as a friendly fire incident. O'Neill had not witnessed the incident and felt he could not vouch for him, a fact which Burke bitterly resented. Burke's wife, Hillary, left him following the incident, and Burke was reassigned to Honduras.

When the President authorized CIA cooperation in a covert mission to rescue Daniel and Dr. Lee from anti-Honduran revolutionaries, Burke was assigned to the mission, and despite his bitterness toward O'Neill, he personally requested O'Neill's participation in the extraction. He met O'Neill at the Cantina LaLupita, a small café 20 miles outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and during the rescue mission, he shared the truth about the past with O'Neill for the first time. The rescue mission was successful, Rafael and his men were eliminated, Daniel and Dr. Lee were rescued, and the Ancient reanimation device was recovered. O'Neill, having come to understand the circumstances of the past, submitted his recommendation that Burke be reassigned to a more favorable assignment.

Portrayed by: Enrico Colantoni

Cross Reference: Chalo, Rogelio Duran, Bill Lee, Jack O'Neill, Pedro, Rafael, Reanimation Device

Episode Reference: Evolution