Bynarr was a Goa'uld and Sokar's appointed leader on Netu, the hellish prison moon orbiting Delmak. When Jolinar had been imprisoned there, she had seduced and betrayed Bynarr to make her escape, and he had lost his left eye at the hands of Sokar as punishment. When SG-1's mission to rescue Jacob brought them to Netu, they became prisoners of Bynarr, who learned with satisfaction that Carter had once been Jolinar's host. Before he could exact his revenge, however, he was killed by his First Prime, Na'onak, who revealed his true identity as Apophis and replaced him as Lord of Netu.

Portrayed by: Bob Dawson

Cross Reference: Apophis, Goa'uld, Jolinar, Kintac, Na'onak, Netu, Sokar

Episode Reference: Jolinar's Memories