The Caretaker watches over the Sentinel, the planetary defense system of Latona. He lives as a hermit, in isolation from the people of the planet, who are forbidden to see or to speak of him. To protect the planet, the life energy of both the Sentinel and the Caretaker must join together, "two as one." The band that he wears around his wrist acts as a dead man's switch and keeps the flame in Marul's chamber burning, indicating that the Caretaker lives, that the Sentinel is functioning, and that the planet is safe.

When rogue NID operatives tried to steal the Sentinel technology, Grieves shot the Caretaker and allowed him to die, but tampered with the wristband so that no one would know that the planet was defenseless. On the return mission to Latona, the invading Goa'uld were destroyed when Grieves activated the Sentinel by joining with it in the Caretaker's place.

Portrayed by: Chris Newton

Cross Reference: Sean Grieves, Lieutenant Kershaw, Latona, Marul, Sentinel

Episode Reference: The Sentinel