In a parallel universe in which attacks on Earth by the Goa'uld and the Ori had led the US government to declare martial law and restrict civil liberties until stability could be restored, Charlie served as the Chief of Staff to President Hank Landry. After Carter had been drawn into the alternate reality and had saved the Earth from an Ori attack, the President and his Chief of Staff contrived to use Carter for her value as political capital and refused to allow her to return to her own reality. The Chief of Staff threatened to make Rodney McKay, a wealthy industrialist, the target of an anti-trust investigation if Carter turned to him for help, and when Carter appeared on "Inside Access" to voice her intention of pushing for the restoration of civil liberties, he ordered that the live broadcast be shut down and all mention in the media be covered up with the story that Carter had suddenly taken ill.

Portrayed by: Michael Chase

Cross Reference: Alternate Reality - Universal Bridge

Episode Reference: The Road Not Taken