Colonel Ruslan Chernovshev had been chief of staff to Russian Defense Minister General Miroslav Kiselev. In the days following the closure of the Russian stargate program, Chernovshev was involved in a plot to sell a captured symbiote to elements of the Trust then operating within the NID. Because of his connection to the rogue organization, the Trust had direct access to the Russian military, and eventually Kiselev was taken as a host as part of a scheme to ignite a nuclear war. When Daniel visited Russia in an attempt to meet with General Kiselev to avert the crisis, he was detained by Chernovshev, who demanded a sample of his blood for analysis and insisted that former Vice President Kinsey had been taken as a host and had attempted to assassinate the General.

Portrayed by: Mike Dopud

Cross Reference: Miroslav Kiselev, Russians, Trust, Daria Voronkova

Episode Reference: Full Alert