The Cimmerians, inhabitants of Cimmeria, are descended from ancestors who were brought to the planet by Thor from Earth, known to them as Midgard. They emulate a Nordic/Viking culture, and honor the ways of Thor. They live the simple lives of farmers and hunters, and are protected from the Goa'uld, whom they call Etins, by the Asgard device known as Thor's Hammer. Kendra and Gairwyn had befriended SG-1, and friendly relations were established between Earth and Cimmeria. When SG-1 was forced to destroy Thor's Hammer to free Teal'c, the Cimmerians became vulnerable to attack. An invasion by Heru'ur killed more than half of the population in an attack believed to be Ragnarock, the Norse Armageddon. SG-1 intervened in the battle, and sought the assistance of the Asgard. Thor defeated Heru'ur's forces and revealed himself in his true form to the Cimmerians, leaving behind an Asgard teacher to restore Thor's Hammer and help make Cimmeria a safe world once again.

Cross Reference: Asgard, Cimmeria, Etins, Gairwyn, Hall of Mjollnir, Hall of Thor's Might, Heru'ur, Kendra, Olaf, Runes, Thor, Thor's Hammer

Episode Reference: Thor's Hammer, Thor's Chariot