Dr. Simon Coombs is a research scientist who has worked with the SGC. He is a professor of applied math at Yale, is able to read Goa'uld, he owns a Vespa and two cats, and is an avid fan of "Star Trek." On a joint mission with SG-1 to study the ruins of a ring transporter on an abandoned desert planet, SG-1 was captured by the Goa'uld, and despite his repeated protests, Coombs reluctantly joined fellow scientist Jay Felger on an unauthorized two-man rescue mission, only to require rescuing himself. In Felger's daydream, he and Coombs were awarded the Air Force Civilian Award for Valor, for bravery in the face of grave danger.

Portrayed by: John Billingsley

Cross Reference: Jay Felger, Meyers

Episode Reference: The Other Guys