Darrell, a good friend of Mitchell's from high school, had graduated with him in 1987 from George Washington High School in Auburn, Kansas. During their high school days together they had once pulled a prank on Mr. Armstrong by disassembling his car and reassembling it in his classroom before disassembling and reassembling it once again to remove it.

Darrell attended his 20th high school reunion where he met up again with Mitchell and was introduced to Vala as Mitchell's date. He was attracted, though somewhat flustered, by Vala's enigmatic character. Believing that she worked as an accountant, he was intrigued during a session of recreational target practice when Vala's skill with a rifle was clearly superior to his own. During the reunion, Darrell and Vala slipped away to a quiet spot with a flask of moonshine, but as Darrell prepared to kiss her, Vala confessed that she was already married to a religious zealot who was bent on total domination of every human being in this galaxy. Only slightly deterred, Darrell wondered if that meant they were separated.

When bounty hunter Odai Ventrell arrived at the reunion to capture Mitchell and SG-1, Darrell cooperated at Vala's urging and attempted to distract Ventrell. The diversion was unsuccessful, however, and Darrell was among the hostages who were held in the gym until SG-1 captured Ventrell, after which the stunned witnesses were required to sign nondisclosure agreements.

Portrayed by: David Lovgren

Cross Reference: Auburn Kansas, George Washington High School, Jackie, Cameron Mitchell, Phil, Amy Vandenberg, Gary Walesco

Episode Reference: Bounty