Delek had been a leader among the refugee Tok'ra stationed at the Alpha Site, and despite the Tok'ra's historical distrust and hatred of the Jaffa, he was able to maintain an uneasy peace with the Rebel Jaffa who were also based there. When the Alpha Site was attacked by Anubis's forces, he insisted that the Jaffa had been responsible for the security breach, and he refused to cooperate with General Hammond, claiming that the terms of the Earth-Tok'ra alliance did not apply to his investigation. Delek also expressed his concern that Selmak's loyalties had been clouded by Jacob's sympathies with Earth, and that a continued alliance with the Tauri and the Jaffa was something which the Tok'ra could no longer afford. By the decision of the Tok'ra High Council, Delek disbanded the alliance, and withdrew the remaining Tok'ra refugees from the Earth base.

Portrayed by: Sebastian Spence

Cross Reference: Alpha Site, M'zel, Tok'ra

Episode Reference: Death Knell