Denya worked in the bar in the village of Ver Isca in the Ori galaxy. Described by Vala as the village harlot, she cautiously befriended Vala, carefully testing her before admitting that she was a member of the anti-Ori underground movement and that she feared that Seevis, the administrator and barkeeper, would kill her if he knew. Shortly afterward, however, Vala was dragged from her home by Seevis and manacled to the Ara, accused of heresy as an unbeliever. Only after she was released three days later did Vala learn that Seevis was in fact the leader of the anti-Ori underground movement, and that her ordeal had been a test by Seevis and Denya to determine if she could be trusted.

Seevis and Denya recruited Vala into their movement and planned to mount a rebellion by sabotaging the newly constructed Ori ships and eliminating tens of thousands of Ori followers at once. However, their plan was discovered and thwarted, and Seevis, Denya, and Vala attempted instead to warn Earth of the coming crusade by using an Ancient communication terminal. They were discovered by Tomin, however, who used his Ori staff weapon to destroy the device and to kill both Seevis and Denya.

Portrayed by: Daniella Evangelista

Cross Reference: Ancient Communication Terminal, Anti-Ori Underground, Seevis, Ver Isca

Episode Reference: Crusade