Ambassador Dreylock was a member of the Kelownan High Council and a member of the Kelownan delegation which arrived at the SGC to request the reopening of trade relations with Earth. With their planet on the brink of war, the Kelownans hoped to trade naquadria for military technology, but their request was denied by the Pentagon. The Kelownans did go to war, but they faced a greater challenge when Anubis launched an attack against the planet, and Ambassador Dreylock once again sought the assistance of the SGC. Following Anubis's defeat, she welcomed Jonas back to Kelowna as a member of the Joint Ruling Council, and she was later named Kelowna's first minister. When her planet, now known as Langara, faced annihilation from the buildup of unstable naquadria, First Minister Dreylock returned to the SGC and represented Kelowna in the negotiations with Vin Eremal of Tirania and Lucia Tarthus of the Andari Federation.

Portrayed by: Gillian Barber

Cross Reference: Vin Eremal, Hale, Kelowna, Dr. Kieran, Langara, Lucia Tarthus, Valis

Episode Reference: Shadow Play, Homecoming, Fallout