Lieutenant Elliot graduated at the top of his class at the Air Force Academy and was hand picked for the special SGC training program under Colonel O'Neill. He commanded a unit of trainees including Hailey, Grogan, and Satterfield in a variety of scenarios including a foothold situation. Although criticized by O'Neill for being indecisive, he showed courage and leadership, and he passed the training and was assigned to SG-17 under Major Mansfield.

On his first mission, Elliot was seriously injured in Zipacna's attack on Revanna, and he was taken as a host by the Tok'ra Lantash. However, Lantash was unable to heal his internal injuries, and he volunteered to sacrifice himself, to stay behind and release a poison that would target symbiotes, including his own, to defeat the invading army and allow SG-1 to escape.

Portrayed by: Courtenay J. Stevens

Cross Reference: Lieutenant Grogan, Jennifer Hailey, General Kerrigan, Lantash, Major Mansfield, Martouf, Revanna, Lieutenant Satterfield, SG Teams, Symbiote Poison, Zipacna

Episode Reference: Proving Ground, Summit, Last Stand